ARTAS® FUE Robotic Hair Transplant


Outpatient procedure

Minimally invasive

Rapid healing

No linear scar

Wear hair any length or style

Noiceable results appear in about six months

About ARTAS® FUE Procedure

The ARTAS® FUE Procedure is the most impressive innovation the hair restoration field has seen in years. A fusion of cutting-edge digital imaging with precise robotic technology, this mechanical breakthrough gives our experienced physicians a level of control and accuracy unmatched by any other method.

All hair restoration techniques change your look. The ARTAS® FUE Procedure changes your life.


Currently, there is only one ARTAS® FUE Procedure in the five-state region of Indiana, Kentucky, Illinois, and Ohio, and it resides in the hands of our talented staff.

Next closest machine? Tennessee.

That means you have the best surgical option in the Midwest, right here in Indiana.

We are proud to offer ARTAS® FUE Robotic FUE through our exclusive relationship with PAI Medical Group of Indiana.

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