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Erica's Story

About 5 years ago I had a serious medical condition that caused complete hair loss with the treatment I needed to take.  It took about 1 year for me to actually grow hair back.  The hair that I grew back was very, very sparse and very thin.  That, in itself, was very traumatic and very upsetting being so young and having to experience complete baldness and then having thinning hair as a result of that.  I have lived with this for about 5 years now.  It is really difficult, embarrassing, and has impacted my self esteem.  It put me, what I call ” out of sync with my peers” where all of my peers are having beautiful hair and hair styles, while I am trying to cover my bald spots.

The people close to me in my life would say, ” don’t worry about it, be happy with who you are and be happy with your own self.”  I would say, ” my own self is a woman with hair and that is where I want to be!” All of the women in my family have these beautiful heads of hair, curly hair, and hair they can put up in a ponytail.  It is very hurtful to me if people don’t understand how upsetting and how hair loss really does impact your happiness and well being.

I tried a number of things: creams, gels, had consultations with dermatologists to try to rule out any medical conditions to potentially offer a medical solution.  What they came up with was mostly cosmetic things that were possibilities.  None really worked for me.


Immediately, I feel younger, happier, more vibrant, and just more confident.  I feel like I am back in sync with my peers.  I think that the most important thing to me is that it looks real and feels real.  It is real because it is me.  It’s my hair and an integration of my hair with just a little bit of help!  It took me back 10 years.  I think, ” oh my gosh I look like I am 10 years younger!”  It really makes you feel 10 years younger too.  It’s really neat and amazing.  To really find a solution that works, I would like to share that, make it easier for other people to find, to be aware of, and to see the before and after results.  This not a gimmick or trick photography- IT WORKS! It feels natural, comfortable, and it’s me.  It’s mine!


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