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Angie R. (Laser Hair Therapy)

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Angie R.'s Story

Thin, fine and oily hair is nothing to go through life with!  When it starts to get even thinner, there’s a problem that needs attention.

My hair started to thin dramatically after my second child.  Coincidentally, I also discovered a thyroid and wheat allergy issue.  I had tried topical products, vitamins and even darkened my hair, because I thought it looked a bit better and not as thin.  However, the shower drain didn’t lie and I finally reached a breaking point.  I had seen Transitions of Indiana commercials for quite some time but was skeptical, as I’m sure many people are.  I followed through, hoping against hope, and made an appointment for a free consultation.

After beginning laser hair therapy and scalp treatments, I actually started seeing a difference in the condition of my hair and scalp within 8 weeks.  Broken, thin hair was starting to strengthen and thicken.  I could see hair growing along my hairline and I was thrilled!

If you are committed to the plan and work with the wonderful staff at Transitions, you will see a difference, too.


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