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Cindy (Reallusions)

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Cindy's Story

Well, when I was first diagnosed with breast cancer I knew the type of chemo I was receiving would cause me to lose my hair.  I talked with many friends and looked at the website and chose Transitions.

I came here, checked out the different products that they had, and I found Reallusions to be the perfect fit for me basically because it looked so natural.  It was easy to take care which was wonderful because I am not the type of person to spend a lot of time on my hair when I have hair.  I needed something that was easy to take care of but looked like me.  I found the perfect fit!  This was more fun than my real hair.  It had the same colors in all the same places and I didn’t have to get it colored.  My hair dresser was thrilled because he thought Transitions was a great fit for my situation.

It always looks great, it is so easy to take care of, and it makes me feel great in a time when it isn’t typical to feel good.

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