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Dean's Story

It’s been difficult to admit that my hair is important, and the fear of losing it has lingered in my mind for the past 10 years. Is it just fine, or am I slowly thinning? The former was my hope, as I feared that the latter was reality. Being a young professional, I need to feel confident. Maneuvering my hair in different directions to hide beginning stages of hair loss, looking at the back of my head with a mirror to see if “it” looks worse, and hearing comments from friends and coworkers, became progressively exhausting.

Should I ask advice from a professional? This was a thought that crossed my mind, but why would I ever do that? Do people really do this? Do the billboards really do represent a service that can help me?

These are all questions I asked myself, as I was unfamiliar with the services available, and I still held on to the idea that my hair was just “fine”.

After consulting with the informed business partners at Transitions, I learned that I was experiencing the initial stages of hair loss. After the consultation, a solution was proposed that changed my life. My wife, family, friends, and coworkers have all made comments about the improvements in both the appearance and health of my hair. I would like to pass on the word that help does exist, and giving up is no longer the only option.

I feel like Transitions is family, as they listen, help, and care.

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