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Diane H. (Laser Hair Therapy)

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Diane H.'s Story

I had begun to notice my hair thinning over the past three years and the areas where my scalp was showing were becoming  much more noticeable. My hair, which is long, was falling out easily and quickly collected on the vacuum cleaner rollers and would be found on and around my chair at work.  It was becoming more time consuming just trying to style my hair in such a way to hide the places where my scalp was showing.  I avoided trying to comb completely through it very often in order to reduce pulling out more hair.  I could also tell my hair was thinning considerably as I felt I needed a hat to keep my head warm in the winter, and I never wore hats.  I was not sure whether the hair loss had something to do with hormonal changes, aging, stress or heredity, but I wanted to try to do something about it before it got worse.

Since starting the laser treatments at Transitions,  I have noticed my hair appears and feels fuller, and the shedding has significantly decreased. The magnification analysis did show that I had more new growth and stronger hair follicles than before I started the treatments.  The series of scalp treatments have also improved the overall condition and appearance of my hair, making it more healthy and shiny, and I have even received a number of compliments from friends who noticed a difference. The staff is very professional, courteous and friendly, and I looked forward to my treatment appointments. I would highly recommend Transitions of Indiana for anyone having concerns about hair loss.


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