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Jolene (Reallusions)

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Jolene's Story

At the age of 18, I noticed my hair started to thin.  I had tests done, tried different pills and shampoos, but nothing worked.
Before I had my hair restored at Transitions, I lacked confidence, I didn’t feel good about myself, and thought people were always looking at my hair instead of listening to what I was saying.  After I had my hair restored, I felt like a whole new person!  I had confidence, respect for myself, and I knew if people were looking at my hair it wasn’t to judge my hair and they would actually listen to what I was saying.  I was a different person!
In my career, I manage a store and have a large staff.  When I am at work, I am around people all day and knowing I look better makes me feel better as a person!
Before my hair restoration make over I remember being afraid to get my hair wet in a swimming pool because it would look so thin and I didn’t want people to look at me and think, “oh she doesn’t have any hair”. NOW, when I go into the water, I am fearless and it doesn’t bother me.  My hair can get wet and I have nothing to worry about.  It makes me feel good!

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