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Judy's Story

I believe that I started to notice hair loss in my 30s.  I would go to the hair stylist and notice thinning at the top.  My best friend would tell me I was developing a bald spot.

In the beginning I tried to experiment with hair color, perms, and hair styles and nothing helped.  You name it, I tried it.  I tried volumizing shampoos, mouses, anything that said “volumizing”.   I developed all of these new fears:  I was afraid to go swimming because when my hair was wet you could see the loss even more.  I was afraid of tall people in fear that they could look down and see my scalp.  I no longer like photography.  I was afraid to have my picture taken.  I think that was what brought everything to a head  was a photograph because when I saw myself I was devastated.  To make it worse, I lost confidence when offered a job opportunity because I was afraid to meet with new people and be in front of executives. I just didn’t think I had the appearance for it.

Something had to be done.

After my hair make over I feel wonderful!  My hair is so natural!  I can style my hair any way that I want to, go to the gym, go skiing, sit in the hot tub, go to the beach- just like anyone else.  This is the most natural thing that is now a part of me!

If anybody needs help, please do not hesitate.  There is help out there and it will give you a whole new life.  I have a total look now.  All the clothes in the world can’t give you a total look unless you have hair.  I feel terrific- I really do. I even bought a convertible!  I love it!  I ride with the top down and my hair just flies and I am happy.  This is the best thing I ever did!


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