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Julie's Story

I had noticed my hair was thinning for many years.  My mom suffers from it as well as other family members.  Since I was 15 years old, my aunt was the first to notice, maybe because my mom didn’t want to hurt my feelings.  My hair loss got worse over the years and it really damaged my self esteem.

It took 3 steps for me to get this done.  The first step, the hardest part, was deciding I needed to do something.  The second factor was knowing the consultation was private which made me feel very comfortable.  The third step was reviewing my options with the professional staff that was genuinely concerned.  They offered me a solution that was a good fit for me.

When I finally got it done, they did a fantastic job!  That made me realize why I made this decision!  I felt like the real, beautiful, confident person that I am and this brought it out!

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