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Karen's Story

Nobody expects to be diagnosed at the age of 39 with cancer and I guess, sadly, one of the first thoughts after “am I going to die” was “what about my hair?”  It is so shallow to say because the hair doesn’t matter, but especially being a woman, it does matter.

I was never blessed with a beautiful mane of hair, but as a kid, my hair was thick and wavy.  Around age 18, it started to get thinner and the part started to widen.  Through my 20’s, I was still able to put it up in a ponytail- I wanted to be like everyone else; to be able to put my hair in different styles and change my look. I still had a little flexibility with it, but as time went on and in my 30’s it just got thinner, to the point where I couldn’t change my style.  I was forced to wear a head band with a lot of hairspray.  I did the best I could and hoped it looked okay, but a lot of times I would meet new people, they were basically talking to my scalp instead of my face.

Eventually, I was diagnosed with breast cancer so my thin hair issue was taken away and then I lost all of my hair through chemo therapy.  Now, since it started to regrow, it has come back even thinner at the top and sides.  Since it was so thin, I NEEDED to find a solution and I was very happy to know there are alternatives available.

Chris, Karen’s husband: It’s amazing once she met with Transitions, it just changed her personality right back to the girl I knew!  She loves it and feels comfortable with herself again, happy to go out, be around people, living, loving life, and enjoying it!

It was amazing and just having a full head of hair was incredible.  To be able to go out in any situation and realize that nobody is looking twice at my hair because it’s not thin- It’s a full head of hair!  It’s a wonderful thing!

Chris, Karen’s husband: We are able to do active things again!  Before she was always concerned with the way her hair was going to look when she would get out of the pool or water.  If we were going bike riding or doing anything active, she was very self-conscious about her hair.  Now, she doesn’t even think about it anymore because she knows she looks great all of the time.  It’s been fantastic!

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