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Marcia (Laser Hair Therapy)

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Marcia's Story

I was on an antibiotic and I noticed that more and more of my hair was falling out.  I saw more in my hairbrush and more in my sink.  I really was devastated and I couldn’t imagine not having all of my hair.  Since I am a performer, I saw myself on camera and could literally see through my hair.  That was a deciding factor for me that something had to be done.

Transitions offers a free consultation, so I went in and talked to the consultant.  She spoke to me a little bit, asked me my history of my hair loss and how I felt about it.  I have female pattern baldness and they told me that the laser may help.  This is an extremely professional place but it’s still personal.  It’s not cold and professional.  They really care about each person.

The laser definitely has helped!  Probably about two months after I started, my husband really noticed a difference.  Laser hair therapy grew my hair back!  This has made all of the difference in my life!  I can be me, really me.  I don’t feel younger, I don’t feel different, I just feel like the real me!

They restored more than just my hair!

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