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Maria's Story

When did you realize you were losing your hair?

“My hair started thinning in my early 20’s and I wasn’t sure why.  It just kept falling out.  I asked my mom why it was happening and if it runs in our family.  I thought it was due to stress.  I wasn’t really sure why it was falling out.”

How did it make you feel?

“Hair loss is hard because I love getting my hair done, make up, and clothes.  I had the make up and the clothes but my hair just didn’t go together.  I wasn’t comfortable with myself.”

Were you happy with the results?

“After I had my hair restored, a lot of people at work would give me compliments and tell me that my hair looked good!  They asked if I got a new hair cut or if I chose a different style. I just told them that I got a new cut and color.  It made me feel good that nobody noticed the difference and it didn’t look fake!”

How has this changed your life?

“My hair makes me feel complete!  I feel like a woman again!”

What would you tell others?

“If you are a woman and your hair is thinning, go to Transitions!”


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