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Michael's Story

I felt i was starting to lose my confidence as I would try to style my hair and find myself focusing on other people’s hair.  I felt like my age was starting to show and I am very anti aging.  If you can find a way to do something about it- DO IT!

When i visited Transitions it was warm welcome, private, and confidential.  That is a part of  the experience, to feel confident and comfortable where you are going. They understand what your needs are and most importantly, they deliver!  I am very proud of my decision!

I have to be honest, it was different and interesting to see myself in a new light.  But, I promise you that you will look at every mirror and every reflection because that is exactly what I did.  I walked out and thought ” oh my, this looks so remarkable!”  Previously, if it was raining and I had a receding hair line, I would be worried about it it so I always wore a hat.  I have many hats at home but now I don’t wear a single one of them anymore because I want to show off my hair.  I want to show the world that I can have the kind of hair style that I want.  Before, I had control of my diet and exercise but the one thing that I did not have control of was my hair loss.  I couldn’t beat mother nature-but, I did it!

These options are available and I am very proud of it.  The boost of confidence shows in my personality.  My coworkers all comment that I look better and younger but the best feeling that I get is when I look in the mirror.  I am happy!  This has been a very easy and painless process.


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