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Nancy's Story

Why were you losing your hair?

My hair just gradually started getting thinner and thinner when finally it just got to the point where I just couldn’t do much with it at all.  I saw pictures of myself from when I was on vacation and I finally realized that I just had to do something to help me feel more secure.

Did you try other solutions?

I tried everything.  I went to a very nice salon and we tried perming it, teasing it, but when there is just so little of it there, it still just looks thin.

What were your concerns?

I think my biggest concern was that it wouldn’t look real, but it certainly does and that’s why everyone thinks it’s real.

How were you treated by Transitions?

It’s friendly, it’s casual, they make you feel at home and from somebody that’s been coming for 12 years, it’s very comforting.

What do others say about my results?

So many people have said to me, ” that has to be your hair, you have the most beautiful hair!” They never suspect that it’s not mine.

What did hair do for you?

It certainly makes me feel more feminine and certainly prettier.  I can assure you with just my natural hair, I did not have that feeling.  You just feel so much better, so much more confident and you’re not always worrying about your hair.  That is a great thing!  Before, when there was just so little of it, you always had to worry what it was looking like.



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