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Paula W. (Laser Hair Therapy)

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Paula W.'s Story

“I was 60 years old when I really started to notice that my hair was thinning.  Not only was the hair itself thinning, it was not regrowing.  My hair texture changed from coarse to fine.  I could not allow this to continue to happen to me.

I contacted a dermatologist who recommended a series of shots and pills.  After the pain and expense of his recommendation, I was still very unhappy about my hair.  I needed to find another solution.

Lastly, I met with Transitions of Indiana.  They determined that I still had active hair follicles and that laser hair therapy would thicken the fine hair again.  What I didn’t realize was how much hair I regained from the treatments.  Within 2 months, I noticed a dramatic difference in how much hair I was losing and 6 month later, my hair looked amazing!

I wish I would have come to Transitions first.  I have a renewed self esteem from the laser hair therapy treatments!”

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