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Rachel's Story

Before Transitions:
It can be devastating, even socially unacceptable, to be a young female who suffers from hair loss. I have always had fine hair, but just recently got to experience what thinning hair was like to deal with. About six months ago, I noticed the increasing difficulty of fixing my hair in the mornings. Styling my hair became more difficult as I had to position each hair in place before spraying my few hairs into a final style for the day. When I asked my beautician if she had any clients with thinner hair than mine, she shockingly said, “No.” When my issue became apparent to others and not just myself, I knew I had to look into some kind of medical treatment that went beyond thickening shampoos and conditioners to overcome my embarrassment of thinning hair.

How I discovered others knew of my hair problem:
I live in a community that has a pool, so my friends and I frequent the pool quite often. One of my biggest fears has been to get my hair wet in front of my friends as it exposes my thinning hair to others. I would make excuses not to get my hair wet such as smudging my makeup or even having a phobia of drowning in the water. Then one day it happened….out of excuses and with forceful friends, they made me get my hair wet. It was then that my friend commented on how thin my hair was. I could hear the sense of shock and concern in her voice as she finally witnessed what my hair looked like without being fixed and styled.

Why Transitions?
Once I decided to research different options, I was impressed with the video testimonials, before and after photos, and free consultation that Transitions had to offer. I quickly called and signed up to come in for my free consultation visit to discuss what the cause of my hair problem was and what the treatment options might be. Prior to my visit, I was unaware that PAI offered other services beyond hair transplant surgeries.

My Transitions hair-loss solution:
After my free consultation, I was informed that I was suffering from male-patterned baldness and that I was a candidate for Laser Therapy that included Scalp Treatments. Relieved that I did not yet need a hair transplant, I was thrilled to discover that Transitions offered a non-evasive therapy that offered promising results. So began my journey of conquering the fear of being a young woman with hair loss!

What Transitions has done for me:
I began my laser treatments at the end of May ’09. It has been 6 months and my results are amazing. I have had many compliments on my hair, but the one person I cherish my compliments from the most is my hair dresser. She personally knew the condition of my hair and has since become a firm believer in the results of Transitions laser treatments. As a skeptic of the process to begin with, she is confident in my success and as a result has made me more confident in my results as she is not associated with Transitions in any way. I take each hair compliment that I receive to heart, and secretly thank Transitions for my hair success.

Why share my story:
I know how difficult it can be to be a confident young lady and have high self-esteem when your struggle is visible for all to see. Transitions is one secret that I don’t want to keep to myself anymore. If my story can help others overcome their fear of being with hair loss, then sharing my story will be worth it to me. These non-evasive laser sessions have literally renewed my confidence and allowed me to have another chance at celebrity style hair do’s that I so desperately desire. I thought I was bound to short hair styles, but I am well on my way to a long ponytail. I have put my collection of hair pieces and fake pony tails on hold, and am giving my own hair a chance! I am pleased to announce that I have not used any fake ponytails for about 3 months, and I feel great about it. Transitions has renewed and rejuvenated my confidence and I want others to benefit from its amazing results as well!

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