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Sandy's Story

I have always had thin/fine hair.  Over about the past 6 months, I noticed that my hair was becoming finer and thinner.  I went to my hair stylist and asked, “am I going bald?”  She told me that it was definitely shedding a lot and it looked to her like I was having some female pattern baldness.  They recommended Transitions hair studio.

It is so much easier to do my hair now because before I would have to budget at least 2 hours before I was going to be some place, especially some place nice like a party, dinner, or if my husband and I were going out of town.  Now, I put my make up on and style my hair a little.  The most difficult part for me is not having to take that time and realizing all I have to do is style and go!

My husband LOVES it.  Not only has it changed my life, it has been wonderful for him as well.


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