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Shawn's Story

My name is Shawn and I am 43 years old.  When I was 23, I realized that I was going bald.  I actually had a co-worker of mine poke his finger to the back of my head and told me I had a quarter size bald spot.  I didn’t believe him, so I went home after work, got out a mirror, and instantly my self esteem went right down the tube.

I went to a hair loss specialist and basically she told me that when your eyes go bad, you see an eye specialist, but when your hair goes bad or leaves you, a hair specialist is needed.  I found out it was easy, it was affordable, and it looked great.  This was definitely something that I could work with in my lifestyle to give me my self esteem back.

What I found out was when I was losing my hair, people noticed but when I got my hair back, nobody paid attention to it.  It is that old saying, ” people notice hair loss, they do not notice hair.”

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