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Sid (Sensigraft)

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Sid's Story

Sid is an airline pilot who has worked hard all of his life.

I think I was in my mid 30’s and I realized I was getting a lot thinner.  I didn’t like it.  I felt like I was doing extra work to feel like I was confident enough to go out, so I decided to make a change.

I think security for me is number one, for sure, you want to feel confident and look better.

Like I have told people before- if you lose a tooth- you replace it.  If you lose a knee, you replace it.  If you can’t hear- put a hearing aid in.  I just do what I can to make myself feel better.

It took a little adjusting but once I did it and got comfortable with it, I wouldn’t have it any other way now.  It’s just so easy!

I have more confidence and security in the way that I look.  Everyone has a perception of themselves and it’s usually negative or not what you think it is.  I am no different than anyone else but I think now there is a higher degree of confidence that I look good.”


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