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Tony P's Story

Tony is a young, outdoor enthusiast and professional who always wants to look his best.

My senior yearbook picture, looking at that, you can actually see my scalp through my hair.  Obviously, it is a horrible feeling, just getting out of high school and you’re already losing your hair.  It is embarrassing!  When I was losing my hair, I would always wear a hat and I would never do anything without a hat.  Doing sports, my hair would get sweaty and going to the gym with a hat on was hard.

I think it honestly boils down to looking professional at work.  I dress nice at work and I had a hat on, it didn’t go very well.  Now at work, my confidence has boosted ten fold and I look ten times better!  There hasn’t been one thing that I used to do that I can’t do now.

I’m a huge hunter, an outdoorsman in general, I like to fish and do a lot of outdoor activities, including flag football.  I can still do all of that stuff with my hair.  It doesn’t affect a thing.

It’s a huge self esteem booster when you are going out with a full head of hair.  You aren’t trying to hide anything.  With hair loss, I was always worried about my hat getting knocked off or something- that’s embarrassing.

This has been amazing and a confidence booster.  My self-esteem is so much higher now!”

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