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Trudi G's Story

When did your hair start thinning?

Probably about five years ago, I noticed my hair was falling out and not just a little bit, it was really falling out.  It was very stressful and concerning.  Not to sound arrogant, but as a woman, it was alarming to wonder why my hair was falling out.

Why were you losing your hair?

I went to the doctor and checked if there was a medication I was taking or maybe my hormones were out of balance.  Nothing was the answer other than I had female pattern baldness.

Did you try other solutions?

I tried everything.  I think I bought every product that was ever made for hair loss.  I never did extensions because I was afraid that would damage it more.  As far as products, I tried them all.

How did you feel?

I am an account director for a software company and I became extremely self-conscious going to see my clients.  My hair was starting to affect my job.

How were you treated by Transitions?

I visited Transitions for the free consultation and they told me that I had female pattern baldness and they did believe that they could help me. They suggested that I do both lasers and scalp treatments.  I really had no idea if it would work or not, but my husband came with me and he was very encouraging that we needed to try something new and to find a solution!  I was skeptical but excited at the possibility that something might work!

Results of Laser Hair Therapy?

It was phenomenal!  I felt wonderful! My hair stylist was very excited because she could see all of the new hair.  It’s a slow process but if you are faithful to it- it works!

What other say about my results?

People notice that my hair is so long and healthy and I remind them what it was before my treatments and people can definitely notice that my hair is different.  I get compliments on my hair all of the time now and it makes me feel great!

What would you tell others?

As a female, you don’t think about your hair coming out and never imagine dealing with hair loss.  It definitely makes you want to help other women and tell them there is a solution and something will help.

How I feel now?

I feel so much better, I can’t explain it!  I don’t want to sound vain, but I think every woman wants her hair to look nice.  When you can do your hair and people actually compliment your hair, it feels great.  It feels really great!


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