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Wendy B. (Laser Hair Therapy)

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Wendy B.'s Story

When did your hair start thinning?

“I don’t remember ever not having thin hair, but I had a lot of thin hair so I felt lucky-until I turned 40, I wasn’t feeling so lucky anymore.  After my last very stressful pregnancy and delivery, my hair started falling out by the handful.  My baby is now 10 and my hair growth has not kept up with the rate of loss.  My scalp was more noticeable when I wore my hair long or short, whether I styled it or left it curly, whether I left it at the natural part or persuaded it to part differently.  I have used various hair loss/growth shampoos, sprays and conditioners for many years without an impact.”

Why were you losing your hair?

“During my consultation with Transitions they indicated I have female pattern baldness.”

How I discovered others knew of my hair problem?

“I knew every time my loving husband handed me a hat when we were planning on being out in the sun so that my scalp didn’t get sun burnt. 

My older daughter gave me a hair growth treatment spray for Christmas one year, she was trying to be helpful because it wasn’t a secret that I was losing a lot of hair- it was everywhere. 

I knew when my younger sister noticed a year and a half ago, she hadn’t seen me in three years and her first words were, ” what happened to all of your hair?” This was the main trigger for me looking into what options I had available.”

How did you feel?

“My hair loss made me really dislike looking in the mirror, styling my hair and being near taller people.  I am 5’2″, so there are a lot of people taller than me!  It seemed that no matter how I tried to style my hair, I couldn’t avoid my seeing my scalp so I gave up trying and avoided looking at it.”

Results of Laser Hair Therapy?

“I don’t avid looking in the mirror anymore!  I disliked seeing my scalp and now areas that were once thin have filled in! I no longer find my hair everywhere!  Second, if I held up a single strand of hair that had fallen out, instead of the hair immediately drooping down, it stood up straight- my hair was getting thicker!  Next, I noticed that the hair on top of my head in my thin spots stood up taller, even when wet.  It was a real victory when my husband noticed and said something!  After that, the new hairs around my face became very noticeable and the part wasn’t as wide.

Laser hair therapy took time and effort, but without a doubt was worth it to me!”

What would you tell others?

“If your thinning hair bothers you and what people say about your hair loss bothers you, then figure out what options are available for your situation and commit to doing it.  IT IS WORTH IT!



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