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Linda F. (Laser Hair Therapy)

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Linda F.'s Story

I had major surgery in December 2011 and my hair thinned from the stress and anesthesia.  I thought I should wait to see if my hair would come back naturally but it never did.  I then tried shampoos and Rogaine.  I felt defeated.  It was time for a professional opinion.

During my consultation I learned that my hair could be restored with a non- invasive hair restoration treatment option called Laser Hair Therapy.  The treatments take time, but I was told that in the beginning and knew to be patient.  Within 3 months, my hair loss stopped and I was regrowing my hair! The longer I did the treatments the more I noticed that my hair texture was returning back to the way it used to be before I had surgery!  I only wish I would have started treatments when I first started to notice hair loss.

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