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Why is waiting to do something about hair loss a bad idea? In a word: Progression. Miniaturized hairs are a telltale sign of advancing hair loss. Without a proactive treatment, many miniaturized hairs will fall out prematurely and never return. During a free consultation at Transitions of Indiana, we first use video microscopy to identify the presence of miniaturized hairs, low hair density, problematic skin conditions, and other factors that contribute to thinning hair. Once a patient’s hair health has been analyzed, recommendations can be made as to the best solution for hair loss management and hair restoration. At Transitions, we realize that every patient has unique needs and desires. Therefore, each patient’s hair restoration plan is customized based on hair type, general health, age, degree of hair loss and overall patient expectations. You deserve to have the best hair possible and with our solutions, we can help you achieve your goals!

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There are approximately 35 million U.S. men that experience hair loss. For most male’s experiencing thinning hair and baldness, the most common cause in approximately 95% of all cases, is a condition known as “Androgenetic Alopecia.” This is simply the formal term for the kind of balding that is commonly referred to as male pattern baldness. “Pattern” baldness is simply what the name implies. It occurs in a pattern and is usually not related to any disease process. At Transitions of Indiana, our hair restoration solutions are designed specifically to meet the unique needs of each individual client based upon their desires, expectations, and customized to their specific lifestyle. Our trained technicians and stylists combine their technical expertise and artistry to provide the hair replacement hair systems that are virtually unnoticeable.

Natural State-of-the-Art Hair Restoration for Men

For men suffering from alopecia, male pattern baldness, and other causes of hair loss, our commitment to the highest professional standards allows us to offer totally customized hair replacement solutions specifically tailored to your individual situation. The result is that your individually customized hair replacement restores your natural appearance as though the hair is growing naturally out of your scalp, with a totally natural looking hairline, and a completely natural feel to the touch. View our hair restoration solution for men below.

Laser Hair Therapy

Widely recognized as the most effective nonsurgical way to treat early onset hair loss, low-level laser therapy is an FDA- approved treatment which uses a very specific laser light spectrum to regrow recently lost hair. It also improves the overall health and condition of thinning hair.

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PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma)

Drug and surgery-free, PRP treatments can help to not only regrow hair, but stop thinning hair as well. Patients who’ve tried PRP report thicker, fuller hair in as little as two sessions.

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Exosome Treatment

Exosomes are messengers that deliver 1,000+ growth factor proteins in a single treatment. Exosome therapy has been clinically shown to help regenerate and regrow hair in both men and women.

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CRLabs Tricology

CRLab (Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories) products are our latest pharmaceutical grade hair product offering! CRLab treatments have been developed by some of the world’s leading hair loss experts, designed to improve your scalp's circulation and boost hair growth.

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Hair Transplant

Hair transplants require precise surgeons with decades of experience to create the most natural appearing results that are undetectable to the keenest eye. At Transitions of Indiana, we are fortunate to be associated with WeGrowHairIndy, who have the finest hair transplant surgeons in Indianapolis and throughout North America.

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Non-Surgical Hair Replacement

Totally Natural. Completely Undetectable. The Natural Choice in Men’s Hair Replacement. A Transitions of Indiana custom replacement system guarantees a significant increase in density with results you will see immediately.

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