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Worried about hair loss? Noticing less hair on your head and more in your hair brush?

Hair loss in women can be quite devastating for their self image and emotional well being. Approximately 21 million or about forty percent of American women suffer from hair loss.

It is considered far more acceptable for men to go through the same hair loss process. Even though hair loss may not appear life threatening, it is surprising that there are still many physicians who pay little attention to women’s complaints about hair loss and essentially let them live with it.

The psychological damage caused by hair loss and feeling unattractive can be just as devastating as any serious disease. In quality-of-life studies, women experiencing hair loss reported a higher incidence of behavior that interfered with their daily lives — including a significant loss of self-esteem, being introverted, feeling less attractive and tense feelings in public places.

The Ultimate Women’s Hair Loss Solutions

A Transitions of Indiana women’s restoration system is not a wig, not a hairpiece. Rather, it is a state-of-the-art restoration system specifically designed to meet the unique challenges of hair loss in all it’s forms… artistically, technically, and emotionally.

Created exclusively for women experiencing hair loss, a Transitions of Indiana custom replacement guarantees a significant increase in density. Without surgery, scarring, or discomfort. It offers results you will see immediately, but others won’t.

You can create any style you wish, including those that are combed back in such a way as to totally expose the front hairline. At Transitions of Indiana, we have long realized that hair loss replacement solutions for women are not the same as those for men. We care about your hair. We want to get you back to feeling beautiful and help you regain your confidence.

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