5 Reasons You Might Need to See a Trichologist

March 2022

As we age, go through life changes, and experience stress, we also notice changes in our hair and scalp. If you’re experiencing this or struggling with hair loss, a trichology consultation is a great place to start. So, what is a trichologist?

Trichologists are experts in hair and scalp health, with access to information and products you can’t always get over the counter. Because they specialize in just one part of the body, they’re often more prepared to solve scalp issues than many dermatologists.

Read on to find out why a comprehensive trichologist appointment could help you.

1. You’re already on a hair restoration journey.

If you’re doing hair restoration treatments like laser hair therapy or platelet-rich plasma therapy, every little thing counts when it comes to getting results. That’s why you want your hair and scalp to be as healthy as possible. A trichologist can tell you what steps you can take to make the most of your other services. This might mean more frequent washing or trying new products.

2. Your scalp is itchy or flaky.

If you have an itchy, flaky scalp, you might already be using products that claim to treat it. But if you’re struggling to see the results, you’re not alone. Many products designed to treat dandruff or other scalp problems aren’t effective long-term solutions.

Additionally, just because your scalp is flaky and itchy doesn’t mean it’s dry. Both dry and oily scalps can cause these issues. A free trichology test and hair and scalp analysis can tell you what’s actually happening at the follicular level.

3. Your scalp and hair get oily quickly.

If your hair is oily the day of a wash or quickly after, your products aren’t cleaning your scalp well.

Consider this: If you have an oily spill on your counter, a Clorox wipe is more effective than just a paper towel. For your scalp, trichology products are the equivalent of that Clorox wipe, while over-the-counter products are more like a paper towel.

A trichology test can help figure out how serious the problem is and what products will clean your scalp properly without drying it out.

4. Your hair has kind of lost its luster.

Everyone wants shinier, fuller looking hair, but it can be hard to get (and even harder to maintain) if you don’t know where to start. Talking to a trichologist can help you find products and treatments that bring life back to your hair. From leave-in products to laser hair therapy, there are plenty of options for making your hair look and feel its best.

5. You don’t have any major scalp or hair problems, but your products don’t put scalp health first.

The bottom line: Everyone should see a trichologist because over-the-counter products don’t put your hair and scalp health first. Even pricier shampoos aren’t designed with trichology in mind. So, like we mentioned before, that means they aren’t actually cleaning your scalp and hair the way they should.

There are plenty of ways a trichologist can give you great insight into your scalp health, no matter where it stands. Ready to make your hair a priority? Schedule a free consultation.