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Our team of hair restoration specialists work day in and day out to give our clients the highest level of quality, care, and service possible. Below you can read about experiences our clients have had with Transitions of Indiana or submit a review of your own.

Jason Shawver
November 2022
Jacqueline did an amazing job! I should have done this years ago.
Steve S.
November 2022
Jacqueline is the best. Great service and the personality
Mark Q
September 2022
Jacky is all about professionalism and make sure her clients walk satisfied
Gabrielle Parsons
April 2022
Transitions Indy is comprised of true professionals. From the moment I reached out till the time I ended my service (moved out of area), I felt like I was listened to and provided the best care possible. Melissa is great at answering any and all questions, and providing reassurance for your hair care plan. It gave me great comfort knowing that this is a practice dedicated solely to hair wellness. I have seen dramatic results in the health and quality of my hair, and if I had not moved, I would absolutely continue my care with Transitions Indy. I received 4 PRP injections and also bought the at-home laser cap. Make sure to purchase treatments and any other products all at once to take advantage of the package discount. Great customer service, professional level care and treatments, and real results!
Erica Sponberg
April 2022
I'm really happy with my results from Transitions, and with my experience with Melissa Green and the entire staff. I never felt pressured to do anything I wasn't comfortable with and was presented with a variety of options. It has been a long time since my hair has been this healthy and full. Thank you!
Kim Mullins
April 2022
Hi I started my hair transition process 6 months ago. I was so embarrassed to leave the house for work or even the store. My hair was thinning all over. I using so much color root cover up everyday it was damaging my hair more and costing me 250 a month to cover it up. Today six months later I very happy to say I am not using root cover up on my hair and my hair is healthier than ever. I am so pleased with this process, best decision I have ever made. You will love it too. Do not wait like I did, I wish I did it 5 years ago. Thank you so much.
Drew Emig
April 2022
Hi I'm Drew I was very self-conscious about hair thinning and male pattern baldness that I decided to do something about it. So a little of a year ago I went to Transition Indy to see what I could do. They suggested I do hair transplant, and I'm very glad I did. It's been eight months now and the results are fantastic I'm ready happy about my results this far.
Cassady Arnett
March 2022
Transitions of Indy was an absolute godsend for me. My hair has always been my crowning glory, my pride. When it started thinning I was devastated. I came to Transitions with little expectations. My word was I blown away by my results. So much hair growth after just a few mo ths and now 7 months later, my hair looks completely different. So worth the investment and I'd do it all again in a heartbeat. I highly recommend taking that step if its something you're interested won't regret it. The staff and consultant, Melissa is also wonderful. They make you feel comfortable and welcome.
Mindy Winkler
March 2022
I LOVE this place!! I've been receiving treatments for only 6 months and have noticed a dramatic difference in my hair thickness, strength and overall health! Their knowledgeable staff designed a plan specific for my thinning hair that's included laser treatments, Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) injections and a specially formulated product line to address the issues causing my hair to thin. And the treatment plan is WORKING!! Even friends and my hair stylist have noticed and are completely impressed with my results so far! Several have even set up personal consultations after seeing the success I've had! The staff is so sweet too and very accommodating with my busy schedule. Excellent customer service is clearly a priority and it shows. This has literally been one of the best decisions I've ever made! My confidence has gone through the roof!!!
Morgan Smith
March 2022
Hi! My name is Morgan, and I was experiencing a lot of thinness around the crown of my head. I'm really self conscious about my hair, and I was hoping for a permanent solution that would allow me to maintain my natural hair. I reached out to Transitions of Indiana for a consultation. They were highly professional, and the session was extremely informative as they reviewed a variety of options. I chose to pursue a hair transplant. The staff were very accommodating with my financial situation, which was an immense help in undergoing the procedure in a timely manner. The surgeon that was assigned to me had flown out from the east coast to perform procedures, and had a lot of experiences working with high profile patients. They were very friendly, and explained what they would be doing in detail. Additionally, both the staff and the surgeon were clear on what surgery aftercare would look like. The procedure itself was painless, and I was semi conscious throughout it. Don't worry, it wasn't scary! I was just listening to music and the conversation going on around me as the surgeon and nurses chatted. Transitions of Indiana has a phenomenal post-op care approach, with people available to contact at any time of day with questions regarding care of the surgical site and recovery. Between this and the regular follow-ups, I was able to proceed with confidence and have a great recovery. The quality of care I experienced was truly phenomenal, as were my results. I highly recommend Transitions of Indiana for these reasons, and I cannot express how thrilled I am to have more of my normal hair pattern back. I plan on returning in the future for a second procedure!
Dana Carter
March 2022
Transitions of Indiana was exactly what my hair needed. It had been falling out at an alarming rate. After a year of laser sessions my hair has amazing density again, and strength. I cannot thank all the girls in the office and Melissa enough for you all your help and kindness!
Kimberly Morris
March 2022
I had an absolutely phenomenal experience with this company. Excellent service. Fantastic people. And their techniques worked wonders for my hair. I highly recommend the company, especially Melissa who is a wonderful asset to this amazing company.
Linda Thomas
March 2022
I am a 70 year old female who experienced gradual hair thinning over the last 5 years. However, in the last two years, hair loss accelerated and I became very concerned. I came to Transitions of Indiana with the hope of at least slowing down the hair loss. Much to my surprise, my results in 2020 have far exceeded my expectations! Hair loss is normal and hair growth is unbelievable! The before and after shots were proof positive!
Shelby Bradford
March 2022
I am blown away by my results at Transitions. As a 27 year old, I was embarrassed and mournful over losing so much of my hair within a short period of time. Even after just a handful of lasers and a single PRP session, I have seen TREMENDOUS results. I can not recommend them enough.
Brenda B.
March 2022
I have battled breast cancer twice. Each time I lost all my hair due to the chemo. In March of 2017 I finished my last round of chemo. In July of 2018 my hair still had only grown a few inches, was very fine and could see my scalp. It looked terrible so I was wearing a wig. I heard a commercial on WZPL about Transitions of Indiana. I decided to go and have a consultation. I started the laser treatments the end of July and by December my hair had grown twice the amount that it had in a year in a half. I was able to ditch the wig. My hair is now long again and looks so much better! I highly recommend the laser treatments! Plus the staff is wonderful!
Denise Bushman
March 2022
I am so pleased with my results! After 7 months of laser my hair is so much stronger, longer, thicker, more shiny, and healthy! My only regret is that I didn't do it sooner! The staff is helpful, encouraging and friendly! I highly recommend!
K.C. Loer
March 2022
My only regret about choosing Transitions of Indiana for my hair restoration process is that I didn’t take the plunge sooner! I began noticing my hair loss approximately five years ago, in my early 20’s. It was during this time that I began my research on what options were available to me to turn back the clock and reclaim the hair that I once had in High School. I scheduled various consultations at numerous locations in the Indy Market, many of which made me feel uncomfortable. Just when I felt as though all hair-restoration locations were scams, I stumbled upon Transitions of Indiana. The rest is Hair-story. ☺ From the moment that I walked into their offices five years ago for my free hair restoration consultation, I immediately felt at home. I left their clinic that day feeling confident in their work and determined to follow through with the hair transplant option. Before I could make an appointment to follow through with the procedure, life happened and I wasn’t able to get the surgery. Fast-forward five years, I was going through a career change and entering into the beauty industry. Now was the time to make my dreams of having a full head of hair a reality. I visited Transitions again and the entire staff welcomed me back to their offices. They all remembered me from my visit years before. The atmosphere in their offices is the perfect amount of professional and relaxed. After consulting with one of their hair restoration professionals, it was eye-opening to see how much hair I had lost in the past five years. Upon revisiting my options, Transitions and I came to a mutual agreement that the hair transplant surgery was no longer the best option for me in order to achieve the end results that I had in mind. It is then that I decided to go through with the non-surgical procedure. The staff took measurements of my head and retrieved tiny samples of my hair, in order to achieve the most accurate color. I ordered my system on the spot and 3 months later I got the call that I had been waiting for for new hair was in and ready to be installed! I booked my appointment and never looked back. The day I had my system installed, was a day that I'll never forget and it's all thanks to the amazing staff at Transitions. The doctor that has been with me every step of the way was there to greet me and congratulate me. Next, I was taken into a private room where I met Debi, the Office Manager. She is probably one of the sweetest ladies I have ever had the privilege of meeting. She answered any final questions or concerns I had and informed me of how to properly take care of my new hair. Next, I was lead into another private room where Cambria, the hair stylist, performed the procedure. I was amazed at how spot-on the color was and how natural the hair looked!!! Cambria is absolutely amazing as well! She was eager to collaborate with me in order to achieve the style I have always wanted. I have had my new hair for 4 months now and I haven't been this confident in years! I have received numerous compliments on my new hair and the hairline looks beyond natural! The adhesive that Transitions uses is top of the line and keeps my system in place between monthly visits to Transitions. Once a month, I visit Cambria for touchups and for a haircut. We also catch up on what's been going on since my last visit. She is extremely personable and has such a sweet disposition. For those of you that are experiencing hair loss and are interested in reclaiming what is rightfully yours, I highly recommend Transitions of Indiana. Trust me, after your free consultation with their staff that will easily become your second family, you will feel confident in their ability change your life for the better. You literally have nothing to lose and everything to gain!
Graham Poteet
March 2022
I started thinning in my teen years, and by my early 20s I was buzzing my head to try to hide the lack of hair as much as possible. When I found out what Transitions said they could do for me, I was initially skeptical, but decided to give it a go. They helped me quickly regain my confidence and worked with me every step of the way to make sure it was how I wanted it. I couldn’t be happier with my experience there. The entire team there is all very nice. When I return now I make sure to have my appointments with Jackie, who is just the best. She makes the atmosphere comfortable and always makes sure I leave looking great.
Drew Emig
March 2022
Hi I'm Drew I was very self-conscious about hair thinning and male pattern baldness that I decided to do something about it. So a little of a year ago I went to Transition Indy to see what I could do. They suggested I do hair transplant, and I'm very glad I did. It's been eight months now and the results are fantastic I'm ready happy about my results this far.
Jennifer Rowe
March 2022
Only a third of the way through my Transitions laser package and I can already see a noticeable improvement in the thickness of my hair!
Gabrielle Parsons
March 2022
Transitions Indy is comprised of true professionals. From the moment I reached out till the time I ended my service (moved out of area), I felt like I was listened to and provided the best care possible. Melissa is great at answering any and all questions, and providing reassurance for your hair care plan. It gave me great comfort knowing that this is a practice dedicated solely to hair wellness. I have seen dramatic results in the health and quality of my hair, and if I had not moved, I would absolutely continue my care with Transitions Indy. I received 4 PRP injections and also bought the at-home laser cap. Make sure to purchase treatments and any other products all at once to take advantage of the package discount. Great customer service, professional level care and treatments, and real results!
Kelin Sarber
February 2022
I cannot say enough good things about Transitions of Indianapolis. I came to Transitions because I had been experiencing hair loss/thinning and my hair had just stopped growing. I am 39 years old and was devastated and extremely self conscious about my thin short hair. I heard about transitions on the radio and was hopeful yet skeptical they could help me. My initial consultation appointment I met with Melissa. She made me feel comfortable and hopeful they could help me. Melissa was very thorough in explaining the cause of my hair loss and how they could help. I have been receiving laser treatments for 3 months now and I am truly amazed at how fast my hair has responded! I go twice a week for laser treatments and use the recommended CR Labs green line that was recommended after my scalp analysis. I recently went for my follow up appointment to see the progress being made and it brought me to tears how much my hair has grown and how much healthier my hair is when compared to my initial consultation photos. My hair is growing like crazy and I am no longer self conscious about my hair. I still have along way to go for the length I would like, but I am completely confident with the help of the Transitions team I will get there!
Emma Overman
February 2022
I took my daughter to Transitions a couple of months after I noticed her hair was falling out. She was just seven years old, and she had several areas, some as large as a quarter, where there was no hair at all. (We had briefly tried a topical solution advised by a dermatologist, but the package clearly indicated that it was not recommended for people younger than 12.) Within about three months of laser treatments, new hairs have appeared and grown in the bald areas enough that it is not noticeable that she ever had a problem.
Laura Thomann
January 2022
Five months ago, I was shopping for a wig because my hair was getting so thin. I decided to try calling Transitions. I have been on their lazer treatment program and have been using their hair products I am amazed at the improvement in my hair regrowth and the condition of my scalp. Before you buy that wig, I suggest you give Transitions a try.
Nikki Reed
December 2021
My hair sort of fell apart after 10+ years of doing fun colors, blow drying, straightening, etc. After a year of trying to make my hair grow I decided I wasn't the best person to fix it. Transitions helped get my scalp healthy again through laser and PRP treatments- it started growing again and now my stylist at the salon will make comments like "WE JUST CUT YOUR HAIR- How is it this long again??". They really can help- go talk to them!
Diana Robertson
December 2021
After noticing thinning hair on my scalp, I went to another hair place and left with a hard sell to buy their products and a year long hair salon package and told to use Minoxidil--all for a hefty price tag. No thank you! I like my hairdresser and a big fat NO to greasy chemicals on my scalp (Eww). Then I saw an ad on TV and went to Transitions for a free consultation. I met with the nicest guy (Will) who was also a Transitions success story. He showed me before and after photos of women who resembled me with similar thinning hair who did the laser treatments. He said I wouldn't have to use Minoxidil. So I decided to give it a try. I use their Mediceuticals hair products, hair vitamins with DHT blockers, and did 6 months of laser treatments. My hairdresser has been mentioning new growth she is seeing. Melissa just did my 6 month scope and showed me all the new hair growth sprouting up. The after photos show a big difference of new growth and less visible thinning. I'm so glad I did this. I purchased a HairMax home device from Transitions to maintain my new hair growth and will continue using their hair products and vitamins. If you want results, go see Will or Melissa. Don't wait until your hair follicles die completely. There is data on laser hair therapy and it's been proven that it works.
Sherron Taylor
November 2021
I and extremely satisfied with the result of my laser therapy and how quickly I saw results. The staff was very friendly and provided excellent service. I would absolutely refer others to them because they truly grow hair.
Matthew M.
February 2021
I’ve been a client at Transitions for over 20 years. In all that time, having great looking hair is something I’ve never had to worry about. My stylist, Tracy Hoffman, has consistently delivered the highest quality service. I know I can always rely on her—and the entire staff at Transitions!
Jerry P
January 2021
I have been a client of Transitions for 25 years. Although the technicians and stylists have come and gone, I have never really felt confident about myself until I met Tracy. She took the time to actually sit down, ask questions, take notes, discuss products and styles, and offered her honest opinion on what she felt would work best for me. Over the years, she has continued to ask me how the product worked, what I did or did not like about it, if my needs or desires had changed, and would discuss and work out a new plan, if needed. Tracy's attention to detail is amazing, she takes whatever amount of time is needed, to make sure the client leaves feeling good about the way they look. If she sensed the client is uncomfortable, she will follow up with a text or phone call a few days after the appointment, to see how things are going. All of the staff are very professional, and treat clients respectfully, always trying to make them feel comfortable and welcomed. Great organization and business, glad they are still in operation, and that I can continue to be a very satisfied client.
Dave D
December 2020
Tracy Hoffman has been amazing. She knows what will look best for me and I never feel rushed.
Daniel Hoffmann
November 2020
I have been with Tracy Hoffman for 29 years. I consider her to be an expert at her profession. I have always gotten superior service from Tracy. She is undoubtedly a 5 star. If I could give her more stars I would. I would refer her to any customer for great service. 6 stars.
Lisa Larkin
October 2020
I began my journey for hair loss reversal, approximately 2 years ago (2018). After appointments with 2 physicians, to determine medical cause for the loss of 75% of my hair (noted by my hair stylist of 17 years), the only possible cause was related to surgery, 6 months prior and a severe reaction to a pneumonia vaccine. My hair was aggressively falling out, but after the vaccine, it came out in clumps, as if I were a chemo patient. I met with the staff at Transitions. My "complimentary consultation and exam" went extremely well. I might add that I am a family nurse practitioner, so I had medical questions about the treatments available. I made the decision that PRP treatments, combined with laser therapy and hair/scalp products, would hopefully reverse my hair thinning. I had my first PRP treatment and found it to be no more uncomfortable than Botox injections. I was able to return to work that same day. I purchased a set of 4 treatments and always made sure I was scheduled for the appropriate time between treatment sessions. It has been nearly 2 years and I have had 7 treatments. There are no words to express how amazing these PRP treatments, combined with laser and products have been for my hair loss. My salon stylist simply cannot believe how the 75% hair loss has reversed and almost all hair has returned. I could never be happier. I must also say that the staff at Transitions, from the front desk to procedure are exceptionally professional, while also very down-to-earth. I have never felt self conscious about going into the Transitions gorgeous office setting. Again, the staff, several who have had treatments/procedures themselves, make clients feel welcomed and comfortable. I recommend Transitions most highly!
Glenda Reber
August 2020
Over the past two years my hair began to thin rapidly until there were several patches on the crown of my head and my scalp could be seen.  On the side of my head the hair was thin and limp.  I tried several natural remedies and supplements but nothing helped. My primary physician referred me to Transitions. I am three months into the laser therapy and I am thrilled with the results. The thin patches have filled in and my hair is significantly thicker on the sides and back. I have also begun using Transitions' hair products and they are awesome. I couldn't be more pleased.
K. L.
March 2019
The only thing that I am not satisfied with is the fact that it took me this long to get my confidence back, something only Transitions is capable of. I would and I have recommended this business to anybody struggling with hair loss. Literally the best decision of my life!
Dawn Ellerman
June 2018
I hated my hair. It was thin on the top and the sides. I was very self-conscious. I am short and I felt everyone could see the top of my scalp. I had to work really hard trying to fix my hair. I called it filling the holes. I have went to Transitions of Indiana for the last 8 months I believe once or twice a week. What a difference. I saw my before and after pictures. I am very pleased. My hair is a lot thicker and a lot easier to manage, not fighting anymore. I want to maintain my hair, and I would like to do some more laser treatments, because I saw more hair that is just starting to grow. Very exciting to see. The staff is very friendly. I highly recommend them. Thank you. I am glad I made the call.
Linda Dillon
May 2018
I have been coming to Transitions since around 1994, and I couldn't be happier. Treatment rooms are private and the staff is so very caring. As a woman, it's not acceptable to go out of the house without hair on our head and Transitions of Indiana understands that. I am forever in their debt.
Teresa F.
May 2018
I have been very pleased with my results. The hardest part was making the first phone call. I have been much happier and less stressed now that my hair is growing back. The staff is very friendly and professional. I would highly recommend this to anyone. I wish I had made the call much sooner.
May 2018
My results we faster & better than I could have imagined. After 20 years of thinning hair & falling self esteem I decided to schedule an appointment. The combination of products, laser & prp started working and continues to work. I can now go out in the wind & not worry about a bald spot getting uncovered. My beautician was also amazed. Highly recommend. People there are awesome too!
Jeanette Nasser
May 2018
I was amazed at the quick results I was getting from the laser treatments. My hair was just getting thinner by the day after I went through menopause to a point to where I thought I was going to have to wear a wig. Within a couple of months I couldn't believe how my thin spots were filling in and how much thicker my hair was starting to feel. The staff is very friendly and helpful.I highly recommend for anyone with hair thinning problems to go to Transitions of Indiana.
Kathy K.
November 2017
I had my second PRP session at Transitions. I was offered a choice this time of using the numbing cream that I used during my first session or "the chiller". The chiller was not an option a few months ago. After describing the difference between the chiller and the numbing cream I opted for the chiller. The chiller was very effective during the injection process. It took a very little time to adjust the right level of chilling prior to the injection but at no time there was any significant amount of pain, just some pressure.The session seemed to go a little faster this time but maybe that was just how I felt. The best outcome was no greasy hair for several days!! The numbing cream is effective however it took many, many shampoos with dish soap to get the numbing cream off my scalp and out of my hair...ugh.I have one more PRP session and I will defiantly use the chiller. Thanks to Transitions to making this option available!!
Sally V.
August 2017
Everyone at Transitions was helpful and direct regarding any questions or concerns I had. I hope that practice continues. I do like my hair and have received many compliments.
July 2017
I only wish I had started sooner. Your laser and scalp treatments are improving my hair!
Jason W.
July 2017
Great staff. Very friendly and helpful! Very happy so far, everyone has been professional and accommodating.
May 2017
I am giving all 10's because I am very happy with the new hair growth and thickening. A work in progress, but I'm very happy so far.
April 2017
All the staff has been wonderful. Thanks for all the help and knowledge.
April 2017
L. Smith
March 2017
Everyone is extremely friendly and makes you feel welcome. The hair technician does a fabulous job explaining the procedure and are very professional and cares about the clients! My treatments have worked! I tell everyone how successful it has been for me and recommend doing this. In addition, everyone know my name and it feels like a family.
February 2017
Very friendly and courteous staff. Everyone here I have ever dealt with has always been friendly and been helpful. Almost like family when I am here.
February 2017
The staff here are very friendly and make me feel comfortable! The specialists are very helpful in addressing my specific scalp and hair needs and treating them.
Anne B.
February 2017
My hair started thinning as I was going through menopause. I was not only losing my hair, but also my confidence. I kept hearing about Transitions of Indiana on the radio and finally called for a consult. My consultant Melissa, was very professional and knowledgeable and put me at ease immediately. I even had my first 30 minute laser treatment that day! After 9 months, the texture of my hair has improved, and it looks and feels fuller. The receptionists and staff who do the scalp treatments are friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. I plan to continue with the maintenance treatments and laser hair band. Thank you Transitions of Indiana!
A. Gupta
January 2017
Excellent service overall!
December 2016
My hair shedding is way, way down! Very pleased.
December 2016
I have had a very positive experience. Everyone is very courteous and helpful. Overall, I am pleased with the treatments and results.
Muna A.
November 2016
Best center for hair loss treatment, very clean and neat.
Kathleen L.
October 2016
Everyone remembers my name and they make me feel like I'm part of a popular club, and they're happy I'm here! Melissa is involved in the process and is as excited as I am by the progress. I love the products, too! Thank you all for this great service.
Joan C.
October 2016
Front office staff are great at their job, and you are lucky to have them. Staff is very helpful and knowledgeable. My hair is much thicker and shiny.
Elizabeth C.
September 2016
Everyone at WeGrowHairIndy and Transitions does a great job! Thank you!
September 2016
Just want to express my appreciation to all of you there at Transitions. You've made my life just a "hair-less" stressful and a "hair-more" bearable! This has been one of the best things I've ever done for myself. Special thanks to Melissa, Jackie, Lindsay, and Amy! Thank you from the bottom of my follicles!
Karen Farrell
August 2016
I was diagnosed with Lupus in January, 2016; my second autoimmune disease. I also have hashimoto's Thyroid Disease, fibromyalgia, and interstitial cystitis. Many patients with lupus experience hair loss and bald spots; I was not exempt from this embarrassing symptom. My hairdresser discovered multiple spots and noticed that my hair was thinner than usual. Being concerned, I contacted Transitions for a free consultation. I was impressed with the professionalism in which I was greeted, and the thoroughness of the consultation and examination process. I signed up, and have faithfully attended my laser treatments for the past two months. Today I received a re-check of my hair follicles via the magnifying scope. Not only do I have loads of new growth and new signs of future growth forming, but my existing hair is visibly thicker and the roots and noticeably deeper. I also do not lose hair at the rapid rate that I was prior to being treated. Initially I was told that the results from my laser treatments were to be expected within 4 months. I have only been doing the treatments for half of that time! And with two autoimmune diseases!!!! I am elated and very grateful to Transitions of Indiana for restoring my hair and for the kind, non-judgmental, and exacting approach to a very personal issue.
August 2016
Being a tupe wearer for 26 years I thought it was all the same. I was buying cheap on line. Wow was I paying more after getting it cut in. Wow did I look bad the new process sensi graft I swim, Shower, I don't do anything but shower and style and people that know want to touch my head they can't understand what I have done. You wear hair you must go here. Fast! Just a guy that is like you Stopped getting the high eyes We know when people know. It is so nice to have people look in my eyes when I talk to them. Thanks Trans you made my hair a non subject and I have hair like my 17 year old son again. You saved my life. Well just made me a confident man again. The best decision I ever have made. Transitions. 20 stars on 5 star scale !
August 2016
For years, I struggled with hair loss and the impact it had on my self image and identity. This resulted in me feeling like I always needed to wear a hat, as it almost seemed like being bald was the first thing people noticed when I would meet them for the first time. My hair loss also made me look much older than I really was, as others here have attested to. Then, after some encouragement from family, I finally took the steps to do something about it and found Transitions of Indiana. Their reviews, testimonials, and videos helped me to make my decision that this was a place I wanted to try, and I'm glad I did. From the moment I walked in the door, I was treated with both professionalism and a great deal of politeness. Not only did they help me find an option I could afford, they also worked with me until all of my questions and concerns were addressed. They also have fantastic aftercare. They followed up with me regularly after my initial service just to make sure I was happy with the way I looked, and that everything was working out. I look younger, and feel so much more confident. Thank you Transitions!!
Jeff Mclary
July 2016
I can describe my experience at Transitions Indy in one simple word - WOWI'm an active male that is outgoing & enjoys life to the fullest. Having been blessed with excellent health, I take very good care of myself by eating healthy and working out an average of 5 days a week. I literally feel half my age (near 50) but there was this one issue that had to change. My hair had thinned significantly over the last 5-10 years. It was the one thing that I felt made me look much older and detracted from my appearance.After several discussions with Melissa Green, I decided that I wanted my hair back - the hair that I had in college. I even brought my student ID in to use as a goal during this process. So now just 1 week after the procedure, I not only have great looking hair, but hair that greatly exceeded my expectations! I must admit it is even thicker and more beautiful than my college days! How awesome it is to look this great!Transitions Indy - THANK YOU
July 2016
I was feeling miserable about my hair loss, it seemed like every shampoo I was shredding more and more hair. My hair was starting to look patchy. I had tried other products with little success and was discouraged, nothing worked. Transitions has made me feel much better about myself, more confident, now my hair looks not just thicker but also much healthier. I would encourage anyone suffering from hair loss to try Transitions, it works and you will be very glad that you did.
June 2016
Feeling desperate and somewhat skeptical, I went to Transitions for my free consultation. I talked with Melissa who explained hair loss and the transitions program. I felt hopeful but still a little skeptical. "Does it really work?" I wondered. Well I am here to tell you that just half way through my laser treatments the changes in my hair are amazing! My hairline is back and the amount of regrowth is beyond my expectations. The products are wonderful and the staff helpful and friendly. If you are feeling like I was before I started treatments, I encourage you to call and get started today. You will not be sorry. The time and cost involved are well worth the results!
February 2016
The staff are always helpful, understanding, and upbeat. They're very good at knowing my name, great personal touch! Every staff member I've met goes above and beyond! Lindsay is great at keeping me on track with scheduling my lasers and is very helpful!
January 2016
I have been going to Transitions for over a year. My hair strength has improved from using their products, and I have less shedding. Also, new hair growth is much better. Their products are great, and the staff is very professional and friendly.
January 2016
The front office staff is great and my hair loss specialist was wonderful! This has been a good move I made to come to Transitions!
Treva Epperly
September 2015
Since getting laser & scalp treatments at Transitions, my thin spots have started filling back in. The results...I don't have to spend time trying to cover the thin spots anymore! Welcome back hair!!! Thanks Transitions!!!
Mary Schmid
September 2015
My mother had very thin hair and so I have been very conscious of my hair, fearing I would face the same enviable situation as I grew more mature. Well thanks to Transitions I don't! In just 6 short months with scalp and laser treatments my hair is fuller, thicker and I am even growing a new hair line on my forehead! My hair stylist even noticed the new growth. So happy with my hair! I appreciate the hair specialist & staff at Transitions. They truly care about you and your hair loss journey.
Molly Linker
August 2015
I had been noticing for several years that my hair was getting thinner. Not even sure what to expect I set up a consult with Transitions. I drive a great distance for my laser and scalp treatments and it has been the best decision. My results have been beyond what I expected. My hair is now fuller and thicker. The staff is always helpful and friendly. Thank you Transitions!
Becky H.
August 2015
My sister-in-law has been using the non-surgical treatment at transitions for years - and loves it. So when my hair starting thinning due to stress and health issues - I talked to the staff at Transitions and started the laser and scalp treatments. My hair is now thicker and stronger. Many of my family and friends have noticed the difference and that gives me more confidence every day. The staff is very professional and pleasant and I always look forward to seeing them.
Cathy Wellington
August 2015
I could not be more pleased with my results so far. I had to admit I wasn't sure what I was getting myself in to when I made the appointment . But now I have to ask myself why I waited so long. When my husband said he could tell the difference in my hair then I knew this was working. Love the results AND the staff!! Thank you everyone at Transitions.
Theora Hollingsworth
August 2015
I started losing my hair at least two years before I realized it was not coming back without help. So the next day I made an appointment with TRANSITIONS OF INDIANA. I have not for a moment regreted my decision. My hair is now getting thicker and healthier. The staff will bend over backward to accomodate you. I look forward to my appointments.
Cathy E.
August 2015
I am very happy with the services that I received at Transitions of Indiana. The office staff is always so helpful and strive to make my visit pleasant. A few times I ran into traffic and was delayed for an appointment. They worked with my schedule and others to fit me in at a really busy time. They were friendly and good to work with. And the process works!! My hair loss has stopped and I am now maintaining.
August 2015
The laser and scalp treatments have given me amazing results in a much shorter amount of time than I had anticipated. I am extremely happy and didn't realize what a difference in my confidence my hair makes. The icing on the cake is the friendly and professional front desk staff and treatment specialists. I would recommend the treatment and clinic to just about anyone!
July 2015
I am so happy with my experience at Transitions! The staff are so great and make me feel so comfortable. Hair loss is not an easy thing to handle and the staff really make you feel like you're not alone! I absolutely love the products and services they offer. I swear by the vitamins and follicle stimulator. I even get my hair cut there, they really are a full service operation! I've had great results the last three years and I will keep going back to maintain my progress! So glad I decided to make the call and have the courage to walk in their office!
July 2015
I am grateful to have my hair back looking stronger and fuller appearance. Transitions Indy's staff of consultants and technicians are very professional and I consider them the best in what they do for those of us who experience thinning hair and hair loss. They provide guidance, advise and expertise in order for you to develope a plan that works for you. Don't wait any longer - take that first step to "again loving what you see in the mirror!"
July 2015
I had experienced overall hair loss for over 10 years by the time I found out about Transitions. This gave me such a low self-esteem. But now Transitions has given me back my confidence. My hair is much fuller all around and so much has grown in around my hairline that was once rather sparse. I would definitely recommend their services to anyone who is experiencing hair loss!
June 2015
I was so embarrassed about my thinning hair that I actually wore a hat (beret) everyday all day long. I had given up on my hair. One day a coworker talked to me and recommended Transitions Hair. I did and couldn't be more pleased. I have new hair growth and thicker hair. I was a good candidate for laser treatments and scalp treatments. The really good news is that I have retired my beret and I am more confident. I dont worry about bald spots showing in the back of my scalp. The staff is knowledgable and compassionate and takes care of all my hair care needs. If you are self conscious, call Transitions. I'm so glad I did!
June 2015
Thinning hair is a female genetic trait in my family and unfortunately for me, one that I did not escape. However, I am very pleased with the results after laser treatments and use of the Mediceutical hair products. My hair is definitely thicker and healthier. My thanks to the knowledgeable and professional staff for their support and assistance.
L. Ferguson
June 2015
I have been a Transitions client since the fall of 2014. I used the laser hair therapy and it only took a few months for me to notice a difference in the hair growth in the thinning areas of my hair. Those areas began to fill in with new hair and there was an increase in the volume of my hair. The staff is awesome and extremely professional. They made me feel very welcome at every visit. Don't put off the opportunity to help the health of your hair but most all to do something that will help you feel good about yourself.
Angie Rooney
June 2015
I've watched the Transitions commercials for years and thought, "If it sounds too good to be true, it must be." I'm not afraid to admit I was wrong! They really do have the technology and products to regrow your hair. Within 3 weeks of beginning laser hair therapy, I was seeing a fraction of my hair in the shower drain. My oily scalp was greatly diminished , my hair quality was improving and best of all, I could see growth! It's a commitment of your time but if you've reached a breaking point, it's completely worth it!
June 2015
I've been a Transitions client going on about 3 years now. I started losing my hair at my early 20's. I absolutely hated it. I knew at that time I needed to do something about it. I started out doing laser treatments, which worked but I wasn't getting the results as quickly as I wanted. I talked to the staff and they recommended doing a surgical hair replacement or a non-surgical hair replacement system. With the non-surgical hair replace system being for cost effective for me I chose that route. I was pretty nervous at first that it wouldn't look natural, however it does in fact look 100% natural. I've told some close family & friends about it and they can't even believe its not my real hair. I'm very pleased with the results. I am now a lot more confident. I work with the general public, so the last thing I wanted to do was be bald. With that being said, the staff is amazing. They are all knowledgeable and professional! Kim & Sam are typically my stylists and they do an awesome job! I recommend Transitions to anyone that is losing hair I'm sure you will be satisfied with the results.
June 2015
I have been a client at Transitions since my early twenties, i am now 41! I cannot imagine life any other way. This process is truly life changing. Transitions has always been professional, innovative, and has always catered to my needs. When you walk in, the Transitions employees make you feel comfortable and just like family. The most amazing thing about being a Transitions client would be, if you ever see me, you'll never know that I am a client!! The most natural look in the industry.
Tyna Mercer
May 2015
I have had thin hair since I was in my teens. Years ago I saw a Transitions commercial on TV & knew one day I would become a client. Well, years went by & my hair became even thinner as did my self esteem. Nothing is more depressing than looking at your hair after having it professionally done & seeing a wide gap right down the middle. What kept me from calling was not having the finances to be able to get this done. I KNEW this would be one thing that would be incredibly expensive & I had no idea how I could pay for it. How surprised I was. It WAS within my budget! Not only could I afford it but my dreams of having full hair were going to be a reality! I am so happy & I am proud to walk with my head held high! The staff are wonderful! They will do everything they can to make sure you can get the head of hair you want! Don't wait as long as I did - go now!
April 2015
I began to notice areas where my scalp was beginning to show and my hair was falling out excessively. With long hair, the vacuum rollers would often have to be cleaned and it seemed that loose hair would just continually come out by the handfuls when gently pulling at the ends. I was reluctant to comb through it often to avoid losing more hair. I wanted to try to do something about it before it got worse. The laser treatments have significantly decreased the shedding and my hair has more fullness with new growth. The products and scalp treatments have also improved the appearance of my hair and I have received numerous compliments. The staff is very professional, courteous and friendly. I would highly recommend Transitions!
April 2015
I am so pleased that I chose to do laser therapy on my thinning hair. The staff at Transitions are great, knowledgeable, friendly and professional. As a woman in my early 50s I have noticed for a few years my hair was not keeping up with the hair loss. But now after laser treatments I see a lot of new hair growth and my hair is thicker. THANKS!
April 2015
As a male in my early thirties, it was only a matter of time before I started seeing signs of male pattern baldness. Once it was confirmed by my stylist, I knew I had to take action. A family member recommended I try Transitions. The staff is very professional and fit me with the right Hair Loss Solution for my thinning hair. I'm pleased to report that my hair is no longer thinning. It is thicker and healthier. Transitions not only restored my hair but my confidence too. This is the best investment I have made in a long time. Thank you Transitions!
Ralph Heim
April 2015
I started losing my hair in my late 20s and for years I considered doing something about it but was afraid that it wouldn't look natural or I would not be able to afford it. After my divorce in 2012 I figured it was time to do something for myself so I stepped out of my comfort zone and scheduled and appointment with Transitions. I was blown away by what they had to offer and the results were truly amazing! It's been a long time since I felt good about my appearance but now I walk with my head held high and encourage others that are experiencing hair loss to not wait as long as I did and do something about it now. My experience with Transitions has been one of the most rewarding of my life and it has made me a new person both inside and out!
April 2015
Transitions has given me more than just hair, they have given me a new lease on life in so many facets of my life!!
Trena Patrick
April 2015
A woman's greatest accessory is her hair! She can have the nicest outfits, the best looking pair of shoes, the most expensive handbag, jewelry and of course the best application of makeup but.... if she does not have her hair, she still will not have the confidence she needs. Transitions can give her back her hair while giving her a more youthful look. I know........ I am a client and looking in the mirror each day I thank Transitions for giving me my life back!!
Missy S.
April 2015
When my hair started drastically shedding, I knew I needed help. The effectiveness that laser hair therapy provided helped to control my hair loss in a matter of weeks. I also started to see new hair growing in a few short months. The staff is extremely knowledgeable, caring, and supportive!
April 2015
My results are more than I could have ever imagined, and I continue to see more growth!! I feel great and have more confidence!
Lori Ferguson
March 2015
This is probably the most professional office I have ever been in. Every staff member is awesome!
Marilyn Williams
January 2015
Everyone is very friendly and courteous. My hair is a lot thicker and this has been a very rewarding experience. Thanks!
Mike T
June 2024
The staff at Transitions is incredible. In two years never had any issues at all. Everyone is true professionals. Jackie who takes care of me is awesome. She does an amazing job every month. I am so glad I did this. Wish I would have done it sooner.

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