ARTAS Robotic FUE Hair Transplant Procedure

August 2016


The ARTAS Robotic FUE Procedure is a minimally invasive hair transplantation solution that leverages digital imaging and precision robotics to harvest healthy grafts for transplantation. Unlike the earlier methods of hair transplantation, the FUE (follicular unit extraction) technology, leaves no linear suture line after the procedure. Through our exclusive relationship with WeGrowHairIndy, the only ARTAS Robotic FUE procedure in Indiana is now available to you.

How Does it Work?

The process of ARTAS Robotic FUE is a fascinating, precise and effective new advancement in the hair restoration world. The first step is to meet with your hair restoration specialist and map out exactly what coverage is desired for the procedure. On the day of the procedure, ARTAS will then scan the hair follicles and determine the best donor hair to be transplanted. The hair is selectively harvested with unbelievable accuracy and precision through its ability to adjust, to things such as subcutaneous changes in hair angles and patient movement, at a rate of 60 times per second. This is unlike any other FUE procedure out there, by eliminating the “human error factor” and fatigue that comes with manual forms of the FUE process, thus ARTAS is ensuring that the first graft will be the same quality as the last. Even more importantly, ARTAS Robotic FUE procedure is able to evenly distribute the distance between a harvest / extraction site to ensure that a natural look is left in the harvest area after the follicles are extracted. Advanced robotics provide speed and accuracy beyond manual techniques, in fact the ARTAS Robot has been labelled as the worlds most advanced medical robot and is the only non-handheld FUE extraction device in the world.

Now, it is important to understand, this procedure is a physician assisted robotic procedure. This is simply stating that the robot is under full control of what parameters are placed into the program. The physician still dictates the amount and type of hair follicles extracted. The robot goes to work extracting the follicles with precision and accuracy only possible with the use of robotics. The best way for you to understand just how precise the ARTAS Robotic FUE procedure is, think about it this way. Almost everyone has a cell phone, whether it be an iPhone, Android, etc. Pick up your cell phone that you have and look at the bottom of the phone where the speakers are. As I’m sure you see, there are a series of holes for the sound to come out of. Looking at this in the big picture, there are millions of phones just like the one that you are holding with all the exact holes, with the same distance apart, same diameter and these were all able to be accomplished with such efficiency through robotic intelligence. This task would be impossible to carry out the same quality of results if done by hand, thus circling back around to why the ARTAS Robotic FUE procedure is as reliable as it is. After each follicle is extracted the individual follicles are then strategically placed back into the top of the scalp into the areas of hair loss.

Benefits of ARTAS Robotic Harvesting

  • ARTAS Artificial Intelligence(TM) algorithms are used to identify and select your prime hair for harvesting
  • High-Definition Stereoscopic Vision System analyzes, monitors and tracks each hair sixty times per second
  • Physician-Assisted robotic Technology delivers robust grafts; the thousandth graft is the same quality as the first graft. Robots do not get fatigued
  • Precision Robotics provide speed, accuracy and reproducibility
  • Fast Recovery so you can get back to work and your daily activities quickly
  • Able to wear your hair at any length

Patient Day of Procedure for ARTAS Robotic FUE and Before & After Update

Justin’s Progress Update at Approximately 35% – 40% Growth

Justin’s Progress Update at Approximately 35% – 40% Growth

Justin’s day of procedure and video testimonial for his ARTAS Robotic Hair Transplant procedure.

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