Best Hair Transplant Surgery Alternative

September 2017

Not a candidate for a hair transplant procedure? Not interested in a surgical hair restoration option?

Hair transplantation is a successful hair restoration solution for those experiencing hair loss. Unfortunately, not everyone is a candidate for this procedure, due to varying factors, including: the amount and quality of donor hair available and the amount of hair loss a person has experienced. Other non-surgical and non-invasive options do exist, which are more affordable while providing excellent results as well. One of our clients, Bryan, who was experiencing male pattern baldness, was not a good candidate for a hair transplant and elected to have our non-surgical hair restoration process completed. Watch this video to see Bryan’s hair restoration results and learn more about his story:

Non-Surgical Hair Restoration

There are few limitations to results we can achieve with our non-surgical hair restoration solutions. We can non-invasively add as little or as much natural human hair to the client’s existing hair to replace what has been lost. The client’s existing hair is matched perfectly to create a new look! Check out our results galleries below for more examples:

How does Non-Surgical Hair Restoration work? How is Non-Surgical Hair Restoration done?

We use the most advanced non-surgical hair restoration solutions available. The non-surgical process typically takes between 2-3 hours with one of our licensed technicians. Bryan allowed us to record a video of him on the day that his transformation was completed. Watch this video to gain a better understanding of how this process is completed:

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