93.1FM’s Chicks on the Right on Indy Style to Discuss Treating Thinning Hair

July 2019

Growing older can bring some challenging changes. Daisy and Mockarena “Mock” from 93.1 WIBC’s radio show Chicks on the Right are not shy talking about the challenges they faced with changing menopausal hormones and thyroid problems in their middle age. Thinning hair and female pattern baldness are common symptoms that come with menopause and those who suffer from thyroid issues. “I have always hated my fine thin hair. It simply won’t grow past my shoulders,” says Mock. That’s why Daisy and Mock are headed to Transitions of Indiana to restore their hair with laser hair therapy and scalp treatments. This FDA approved hair growth solution uses low-level “cold laser” to strengthen and repair hair and promote hair growth. Over time with laser hair therapy, you can achieve thicker, fuller, shiner, and healthier hair. Both hosts agree they are, “so stoked we found Transitions!”

The Chicks on the Right joined our Transitions of Indiana team on Wish-TV Indy Style to discuss how they used laser hair therapy and scalp treatments for thicker, fuller hair! Watch the segment below to hear their story.

Transitions of Indiana is the largest hair restoration center in the state and offers only the latest and best technologies to combat hair loss. Our non-surgical hair replacement solutions hair replacement solutions offer a completely natural look and can be styled to your desired cut and color. Along with laser hair therapy, you’ll find enhanced plasma therapy treatments and our latest pharmaceutical grade products, CR LABS for men and women. These solutions fight build up from the production of DHT known to cause hair loss. We also offer the latest in hair transplant solutions.

You can get the VIP treatment just like Daisy and Mock and restore your hair with Transitions of Indiana today! Don’t spend hours in front of the mirror covering up bald spots limit your activities for fear of your hair loss showing. Fill out the form below or call 317-522-2991 to schedule your free consultation and get two weeks of laser hair therapy for free!

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Transitions is a locally owned and operated hair restoration clinic that has assisted both men & women for over 20 years. Located in the College Park Pyramid Buildings on the northwest corner of Indianapolis, IN, Transitions offers FREE consultations that are private & confidential. To request FREE information or schedule your consultation appointment, call 317-522-2991 or click here.

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