Female Hair Loss Treatment Results

December 2016

Hair Loss Treatment Results for Women

Transitions of Indiana specializes in female hair loss treatment programs and hair restoration. In most cases, female hair loss and thinning is much more easily treated than hair loss experienced in males. The female hair loss treatment results we have experienced are quite dramatic. Our proven and effective hair loss treatment, hair restoration, and hair re-growth solutions for women include: FDA approved Laser Hair Therapy, PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) hair loss treatments, Non-Surgical Hair Restoration (ReAllusions), and female Hair Transplants.

Our website (TransitionsIndy.com) contains many examples of our hair loss treatment results for women. These examples include our before and after hair loss photo galleries and our video gallery.

Female Hair Loss Treatment Results

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Transitions of Indiana Reviews

K. L.

"The only thing that I am not satisfied with is the fact that it took me this long to get my confidence back, something only Transitions is capable of. I would and I have recommended this business to anybody struggling with hair loss. Literally the best decision of my life!"

Linda Dillon

"I have been coming to Transitions since around 1994, and I couldn't be happier. Treatment rooms are private and the staff is so very caring. As a woman, it's not acceptable to go out of the house without hair on our head and Transitions of Indiana understands that. I am forever in their debt."

Dawn Ellerman

"I hated my hair. It was thin on the top and the sides. I was very self-conscious. I am short and I felt everyone could see the top of my scalp. I had to work really hard trying to fix my hair. I called it filling the holes. I have went to Transitions of Indiana for the last 8 months I believe once or twice a week. What a difference. I saw my before and after pictures. I am very pleased. My hair is a lot thicker and a lot easier to manage, not fighting anymore. I want to maintain my hair, and I would like to do some more laser treatments, because I saw more hair that is just starting to grow. Very exciting to see. The staff is very friendly. I highly recommend them. Thank you. I am glad I made the call."


"My results we faster & better than I could have imagined. After 20 years of thinning hair & falling self esteem I decided to schedule an appointment. The combination of products, laser & prp started working and continues to work. I can now go out in the wind & not worry about a bald spot getting uncovered. My beautician was also amazed. Highly recommend. People there are awesome too!"

Offering solutions that provide results to female hair loss and thin hair is important to us! We are pleased that a number of our clients have taken the time to complete a review of our business, and we value everything they have to say. You can read our reviews here: Google Reviews and TransitionsIndy.com Reviews.

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