Hair Extensions at Transitions

September 2016

Hair Extensions Available at Transitions of Indiana

Does your hair not grow to the desired length? Do you want longer and thicker hair? Are you someone that already wears extensions but are tired of the pulling feeling or the damaged hair that is left behind when they are taken out? At Transitions we believe in giving our clients only the “best of the best,” which is why we are now offering our top of the line hair extensions! Click the button below or call 317-522-2991 for free information or to schedule a hair extension consultation.

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What Makes Transitions Extensions Different?

These custom made extensions are the first extended wear option available. The unique design of these flexible and breathable base options offer a seamless blend to the client’s natural hair. The combination of light human hair, thin base material and medical grade adhesive makes damage to the client’s natural hair very minimal, or non-existent. With this new technology and flexible base, you are able to style your hair as you would like and are not limited on how many times you can wash your hair. Living an active lifestyle is made easy without the concern of the extensions falling out or damaging the natural hair. Check out these hair extensions before and after results:

Longer, thicker, & fuller hair with Transitions Hair Extensions

We have unlimited flexibility with our customized hair extensions! We can add length to your existing hair or add additional hair to supplement your current hair density, providing you with thicker and fuller hair. Our unique approach will provide you with the confidence you may have been lacking!

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