Hair Transplant Surgery Alternative: Non-Surgical Hair Restoration

October 2014

Many men and women experiencing hair loss are not a candidate for a hair transplant procedure and elect to have a non-surgical / non-invasive hair restoration process. Transitions of Indiana’s Sensi-Graft™ hair loss solution provides natural looking results at an affordable price. Watch the video below to see Bryan’s transformation from start to finish:

Bryan began losing his hair at a very young age, and his hair loss bothered him a lot. He chose the best alternative for him at the time: hats. Since Bryan is very active and social, he used the hats to camouflage his thinning hair when he was out with friends. Unfortunately, it’s hard to be inconspicuous with a hat at night, indoors, so Bryan began looking at his options.

Bryan’s sister actually made the call to schedule his free consultation at Transitions of Indiana, so he could check out all his available options. Bryan was impressed by the caring and professional staff, and the flexibility he could have with non-surgical hair restoration and Sensi-Graft™. We are so glad to have been able to help Bryan get back the confidence he deserves. His results are simply amazing!

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