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December 2015

In the popular 1960s musical “Hair,” we hear about the desire to have “long beautiful hair, shining, gleaming, streaming, flaxen, waxen” from a carefree younger generation.

Unfortunately, that sort of notion doesn’t last forever for most people. While ladies often long for a full mane of silver as we get older, genetics and other factors are not often on our side. Many women find themselves with thinning hair on top.

Here at Transitions of Indiana, our restoration consultants have a wealth of information on what leads to female hair loss. Consultant Melissa Green says the majority of women with thinning hair have a genetic disadvantage. Other potential contributing factors are conditions impacting the thyroid, auto-immune diseases, stress, medications, and vitamin deficiencies.

If your hair is changing and not getting better, it’s time to evaluate options. Laser hair therapy works best if we can catch the pattern in its early stages, which are the first 1-6 years. Even if your case has passed that point, we can still help prevent further hair loss.

The process of laser hair restoration is not as invasive as you might think. Melissa explains, through a series of diodes that turn light energy into cellular energy, it forces stronger blood flow to a dormant or weak hair follicle. That makes the hair follicle come back to life and grow again. Think of it as fertilization for your hair.

One worry many people have about laser hair therapy is the pain. Tattoos and piercings involve needles. However, therapy treatments are pain-free, lasting about 25 minutes each time. The frequency depends on the severity of your case and ranges from one treatment every two weeks to 3 treatments a week.

Female hair loss is depressing, but there is hope and help from Transitions. Once a woman makes the decision to take control of her hair loss, she feels so much more confident and comfortable in her own skin!

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