Laser Hair Therapy: Some "Stimulating" Reading

March 2015

The future is now. We may not have light sabers and flying cars, but many other technological advances keep making our lives better and better.

In our field especially, constant improvements to restoration techniques and new machines like our ARTAS System make us pretty happy with the way things have progressed. But one of our most futuristic-sounding and successful methods for restoring and preserving hair is actually one of the oldest techniques around: Laser Biostimulation.

The benefits that low-level lasers have on stabilizing hair loss and stimulating regrowth were discovered by Professor Andre Mester back in 1967. Mester, considered to be the father of laser hair treatments, came across his groundbreaking observations while experimenting with laboratory mice.

While testing uses for low energy laser radiation, Mester found that the lasers accelerated healing of wounds and surrounding damaged hair.

Why would this happen?

It turns out the radiation caused a rapid increase in the amount of collagen that the animals’ bodies were producing as well as a significant rise in micro-circulation. These two factors resulted in quicker re-growth and thickening hairs in the treated area.

When applied to humans, the benefits remained the same. In a recent FDA clinical trial of a Laser Biostimulation device, both male and female patients with thinning hair received two low-level laser light treatments per week over a six month period.

The results were astounding.

  • 100% of men had stabilization of hair loss in top of the head areas.
  • Over 80% of men even saw hair regrowth in these same areas.
  • Nearly 90% of women and had stabilization of hair loss in the frontal area and 100% stabilization of hair loss in the vertex area of their head
  • 75% of women had hair regrowth in the frontal area

If these statistics weren’t enough to convince you of Laser Hair Therapy’s massive potential, consider one more fact: No side effects of low-level laser therapy have ever been recorded.


In a world where every medical commercial spends over thirty seconds warning about unintended reactions, laser therapy is one of the few treatments where there is no downside.

Your chances of stopping hair-loss and regrowing hair with this advanced method are off the charts. And there is no risk.

Controlling how the future looks is impossible. But controlling how you look in the future, that’s a variable that you can, and should, be in charge of.

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