Featured Client: Taylor J.

Welcome Taylor J. from 95.5 WFMS as a new VIP! As a lifetime Midwesterner, Taylor has lived in Indianapolis for the last few years, making waves on the radio as a host. She has recently turned her focus on her overall health, wanting to grow her hair back. “I lost 80 pounds and now I’m into cardio and strength training”, Taylor shares. “The weight loss and maybe hormonal changes contributed to my hair thinning. It stopped growing! I tried products and other things that just didn’t work or help give me back my hair. There was a time I had thick long, beautiful hair!” After meeting with our trichologists, she is now starting her journey with us doing Laser Hair Therapy and Platelet Rich Plasma treatments to prevent her hormonal hair loss. We are so happy that Taylor has trusted Transitions Indy to ensure that her hair returns to its thick, full state! Stay tuned to watch her progress.

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