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Transitions is one of the most respected and trusted hair restoration centers in the United States. Located in Indianapolis, IN, Transitions of Indiana offers a number of hair restoration solutions, including hair transplantation (FUE hair transplants and FUT hair transplants), FDA approved hair loss treatment programs (Laser Hair Therapy), PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) hair loss treatments, and non-surgical hair replacement (Sensi-Graft). Our website contains many examples, videos, and before and after photos of our hair transplant results, non-surgical hair restoration results, and hair treatment results.

Transitions Hair Restoration Results

Transitions of Indiana Costs

The cost of the many hair loss solutions at Transitions of Indiana is a common question. Questions like: How much is a hair transplant? How much is Sensi-Graft? How much is PRP or Platelet Rich Plamsa hair loss treatments? and How much is Laser Hair Therapy? are difficult to answer as everyone’s hair loss is truly different. Because of this, free consultations are offered to determine the best hair restoration solution to meet your needs and provide the results you desire. Generally speaking, hair transplant procedures start around $4,000 and can go up from there, depending several factors, including how much hair will be transplanted. Our hair loss treatment programs and PRP treatments will typically fall within the range of $500 – $5,000, and the same range holds true for our non-surgical hair replacement options. Visiting Transitions of Indiana for a free consultation will not only give you the specific costs, but also educate you on all of the proven solutions available.

Too many people make the mistake of not being fully educated before making an informed decision. With Transitions of Indiana, we have your best interest in mind and will help guide you to make the best decision based on current and future status of your hair. Don’t forget to check out our male hair restoration results: click here.

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