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Elaina (Reallusions)

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Elaina's Story

I began losing my hair at the age of 19 after years and years of not eating properly and then taking a medication that actually made me lose more hair.

After my make over it almost felt too good to be true.  The only way to explain it is I felt like something has been restored.  I felt young again because when I didn’t have hair I was using topical powder to hide everything.  I knew when I would walk out into the sun or sweat, the topical products would come off.  When I had this procedure done, it was permanent.  It was mine and I felt like I was 16 years old again because that was the last time that I had hair like this.  I felt that my youth was restored!

I was so grateful to have hair on my wedding day.  Words just can’t describe how great I felt because who knows if I would have even gotten married with how badly I felt about myself.  I just wasn’t feeling like the old me.  I went from bald and huge to a whole body transformation and my hair was the last piece to restore me back.

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