Bryan's Incredible Non-Surgical Grafting Transformation - Transitions of Indiana
Bryan's Incredible Non-Surgical Grafting Transformation - Transitions of Indiana

Bryan started losing his hair at a young age, and stuck to wearing hats all the time. With non-surgical grafting, Bryan is able to put those hats away and walk around with confidence - with hair! This is a hair transplant alternative that provides natural looking results.

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Transcript Below:

Spokesperson: Hi, I’m Natalie with Transitions of Indiana. This is a business that’s been here for more than 20 years and they’ve helped tens of thousands of people. But today we’re going to show you something about non-surgical hair grafting. Go on a journey with us, kind of take the mystery out of this procedure with a client named Bryan. He’s starting his hair restoration journey today, so let’s go meet Bryan.

Spokesperson: Nice to meet you.

Bryan: Nice to meet you.

Spokesperson: Well, Bryan, how excited are you today? This is a big day for you.

Bryan: It is. I’m really excited

Spokesperson: Tell me why, I mean, when did you first start noticing your hair loss?

Bryan: I probably started noticing my hair loss around my late teens, early 20s.

Spokesperson: That seems early.

Bryan: It was! I didn’t notice it was a problem until some coworkers start pointing it out. We’re at out work one day, “You know you have a bald spot on the back of your head?”

Spokesperson: How did that work on your self esteem?

Bryan: You know when you lose it, especially that early on, it’s kind of like you’re changing your identity in so many ways at that point anyway, and that’s just one more piece to add on to it, and I feel like for me it made me feel like I looked older and being in my early 20s I wasn’t ready for that.

Spokesperson: So what did you do to compensate for that?

Bryan: Hats.

Spokesperson: You’re not alone in that.

Bryan: Yeah.

Spokesperson: You were wanting something non-invasive. You met the people from Transitions and how did you feel about your dealings with them at the start?

Bryan: What I noticed immediately was just, like, how professional and friendly everybody was and that was a really big deal for me.

Spokesperson: They’ve been here for 20 years. They’ve helped tens of thousands of people all over the country. Did that help you knowing that?

Bryan: It did, that was one thing I looked for was how world wide it was, how well received it was by people. I looked at a lot of testimonials.

Spokesperson: So, today with your help we’re going to take the mystery out of this, so to speak, and show people exactly what goes on and not just before and after photos. And thank you for helping us with that. Ready to get started?

Bryan: I am.

Spokesperson: Okay, great, let’s go.

Stylist: How are you? Good to see you again!

Bryan: Good to see you, too.

Stylist: Do you mind slipping your hat off here and I’ll just take a look here. That’s the first thing I’m going to do is just customize your color.

specially designed and molded to comfortably fit Bryan’s head and match his hair type. The entire process took several weeks.

Stylist: So, I just colored the system to customize it match Bryan’s hair, that way we can get that perfect blend.

Stylist: Did you tell anyone you were doing this today?

I haven’t warned any of the people I work with that there’s going to be a change.

Stylist: I’m just customizing the fit, basically to fit your head so there’s just a perfect fit where you’re thin at.

aligns the hair. Now Bryan’s hair will be styled.

Bryan: At least for me like when I dream, like, bald people dreams, I have hair.

Stylist: Oh, really?

Bryan: Yeah.

Bryan: Oh, wow.

Stylist: So, like, the system’s here, but no one would ever be able to see it. Just looks like it’s a part of you.

Bryan: Oh, wow, that definitely looks really good!

Stylist: It looks really good!

Bryan: Hey stranger!

Spokesperson: Oh my gosh!

Bryan: What do you think?

Spokesperson: You look like a whole new person. You do, it looks great!

Bryan: Thank you

Spokesperson: Okay, so the whole process, did it go the way you thought?

Bryan: Yeah, yeah, it was really smooth. So, I had seen a lot of videos beforehand so I kind of had an idea of what to expect and it went just like that. And Melissa did a really great job.

Spokesperson: Great, great. So when you first saw yourself what did you think?

Bryan: It’s different. It’s huge shock! You’re used to seeing yourself without hair for so long and then it’s kind of like you’re looking at somebody else in the mirror. It takes some getting used to I think.

Spokesperson: Right, Okay so you’re going to be pretty open about this with people right that you had, you’ve gotten your hair back. What would you tell them if they’re considering coming to Transitions?

Bryan: At least give it a consultation, come in and see what they can do for you. They do a really good job, the staff are really supportive and there’s a good chance that regardless that what you’re looking for they find you something.